Story Behind the Photo(s):  Hollywood, Florida – June 23, 2012.  As promised, this is the follow up post to “Viva Don King II” – “Artists Cut” in black and white.  Although it IS photojournalism, It is not necessarily meant to show action from that viewpoint.  You will not find chronological storytelling.  Just outtakes from a […]

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Story Behind the Photo(s):  Hollywood, Florida – June 23, 2012.  It was a night of blood, sweat, tears and celebrities working with The Fighting News at the Viva Don King card @ the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.  Don King was […]

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Story Behind the Photo(s):  Paris, France – June, 2011.  The first of two trips to Paris within a year apart from each other – my goal was to capture everything landmark from angles you’ve never seen before.  In fact, I always strive for the unseen in all of my worldwide landmark photography.  

There are […]

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Aside from award-winning event work, unit stills (commercial) for film/video and fine-art photography – I am a noted wedding photographer.  Using a photojournalism approach, I specialize in documenting life events.

Wedding photography demands personality both in front of and behind the camera.  Those who have worked with […]

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Sea Series | “Jellyfish”

Story Behind the Photo(s):  October, 2010.  The first 2 images were shot in the Atlantic Ocean off of the coast of Nova Scotia, roughly 1.5 miles deep on the way down to my first Titanic expedition.  The second 3, closer […]

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Sundown Series

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Story Behind the Photo(s):  Fans have spoken.  I always listen.  People always want to see more sunsets.  Competitions…more sunsets.  Posts…more sunsets.  Social Media sites…more sunsets.  Seems a sunset is the way in to a persons soul – a  way to reach the very fiber that mesmerizes the mind.  Here is a sneak peek at my […]

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Client:  LAIR for The History Channel

Story Behind the Photo(s):  LAIR and Director Thor Raxlen, being one of my favorite clients to shoot for due to their incredibly talented, smart staff and awesome commercial work, came to me with the prospect of shooting The Full Story

Miami Heat Dancers

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Client:  Impact Incentives for IPC | Miami Heat Dancers

Story Behind the Photo(s):  February, 2011 – Commissioned to shoot for Impact Incentives and a week-long conference for their client IPC in Miami Beach, the Heat Dancers served as a nice end to an […]

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Story Behind the Photo(s):  April, 2012 – When Steven Rothman from came to me to shoot this MMA Fight Night event in Ft. Lauderdale, wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work (or sit ringside and gawk at these incredible athletes methodically beat each other […]

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